Mixed Team Relay is a team based event consisting of 2 pro men and 2 pro women per team. Each athlete completes a super sprint triathlon circuit before tagging their team mate. First team to have all four athletes complete the circuit wins the race. The super sprint triathlon format can vary, but MLT normally sets course distances at 300m swim, 6-7km bike, 1.5km run. A typical MLT event lasts for less than 80 minutes.


The Mixed Relay format was introduced by the ITU in 2009. The event was initiated with the aim of increasing the profile of the sport to get more triathletes, as well as introducing the team discipline to the Olympic Programme. It also shortened the duration and footprint of the event, appealing to spectators and TV audiences. 

Mixed Team Relay made its International Games debut at The Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014. Great Britain took the title with a powerhouse lineup of: Vicky Holland, Jonathan Brownlee, Jodie Stimpson and Alistair Brownlee taking the gold medal. 

Mixed Team Relay will make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games. Major League Triathlon is the only organization in the world that focuses exclusively on this format of racing and is an industry leader. MLT provides the top athletes in the world a platform to showcase their skills and impress their Federations in hopes of being selected to their country's 2020 Tokyo Mixed Team Relay Team.