What is The MLT Super Sprint Series?

The MLT Super Sprint Series will feature male and female individual super sprint races with a $10,000 prize purse at each event. The races will feature 30 of the world’s top pro men and 30 of the world’s top pro women facing off in this head-to-head format. While 27 slots will be reserved for invited pros (at each event), the remaining 3 slots will be filled via a qualification race in which current Elite athletes and Amateur athletes are able to participate in. There will be international slots available, however, the majority of the slots will be reserved for U.S. elite triathletes.

MLT Super Sprint Series Locations

October 6th, 2018

August 4th, 2018

What Are The Super Sprint Distances?

MLT Charlotte - The Championship:

300 Meter Swim
3.8 Mile Bike
1 Mile Run

MLT Vail Valley At Avon, co:

300 Meter Swim
3.5 Mile Bike
1 Mile Run

The MLT Super Sprint Field


  • 18 Slots Reserved For MLT Pros

  • 9 Invitation Only Slots

  • 3 Qualification Slots

Qualify For The MLT Super Sprint Series

Major League Triathlon will host qualification events at both MLT Vail Valley and MLT Charlotte. These fields will be limited to 30-40 athletes and athletes must apply for a slot to race in this event. The qualification race at each location will qualify the top 3 finishers (per gender) to race in the A Final at that race against the other 27 Pros. Please fill out the below form to submit your interest in racing in the qualification race. This will be a draft legal super sprint event that will also serve as an opportunity for amateur triathletes to earn their Elite license. Current Elite athletes are also invited to apply to participate in this event. The fee for the qualification race is $50 and the participating athlete must hold a current USAT membership or buy a 1-day membership to participate. These events will be USAT sanctioned and all current USA Triathlon Draft Legal Rules will be in effect and enforced by USAT officials.  

*2nd and 3rd place finishers must finish within 5% of 1st place overall time to qualify for A Final. 

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