Major League Triathlon And BOCO Gear Partner For Multi-Year Deal

Charlotte, NC (July 11, 2018) – BOCO Gear, the world leader in performance headwear for endurance athletes, has partnered with Major League Triathlon (MLT) in a multi-year deal for the 2018 and 2019 seasons.

BOCO Gear offers stylish, technical headwear and accessories for brands, teams and events. Fully customized with wicking fabrications and technical innovation, BOCO gear is designed for and tested by top athletes. BOCO sweats the details!

Through the partnership, BOCO Gear will outfit the MLT Professional athletes and MLT Ambassadors with exclusive MLT headwear. Each of the 9 teams will have custom designed BOCO Gear high performance trucker hats. BOCO has also created an exclusive MLT designed hat that will be available for purchase at all of the MLT races. 

“BOCO is a fantastic organization and we couldn’t be happier to partner with them" said Daniel Cassidy, Chief Executive Officer of Major League Triathlon. “BOCO has a great reputation and you’d be hard pressed to name one of our athletes that doesn’t already own at least one BOCO hat. We received our first shipment of MLT branded hats a few weeks ago and I don’t think I’ve left the house once without wearing it! We can’t wait for the World to see what MLT and BOCO have created.”

BOCO Gear offers a 35-piece minimum and a 35-40 day turnaround time to provide the opportunity for everyone to experience a truly custom headwear option. Worn and loved by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike, BOCO Gear is constantly testing new innovations to offer customizable performance gear for active lifestyle and fitness brands, teams and individuals worldwide.

"We are so excited to be a part of what MLT is building here" said Kay Martin, Chief Executive Officer of BOCO Gear.  "If we can help highlight the Pro's gearing up for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with some custom truckers then that's fantastic but MLT has a vision that goes beyond that.  It's also about getting behind the Ambassadors and youth development programs that tie in to the overall growth and visibility of the sport as a whole, and that is a huge win for everybody."


Born on the trails, roads and foothills of Boulder, Colo., BOCO Gear boasts more than 25 years of technical performance apparel and headwear experience. Launched with a mission of offering the highest quality and most functional headwear on the market, the brand quickly became a game changer in the technical headwear landscape by merging function with style. Known for its elastic back performance visor and the popular Technical Trucker®, BOCO Gear also offers customizable performance gear for active lifestyle and fitness brands, teams and individuals worldwide. Designed and wear-tested in Colorado, the training ground for some of the world’s top competitors, BOCO Gear is worn and loved by professional athletes and weekend warriors alike. Learn more about BOCO Gear and view the collection at

Major League Triathlon

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