Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Shaker Heights, OH, just outside of Cleveland (although I was born in Connecticut and lived there until I was 4). For this reason, I’m super excited to be representing my hometown as a member of Cleveland Rock & Roll and to race so close to home this Fall!


How did you get involved with triathlon?

I did my first triathlon during college as a fun way to cross-train for Dartmouth Crew over my summer break. I did well – winning the women’s race – and had a total blast! So I continued doing triathlons for fun outside of work after graduation. My joy competing in the sport grew over these few years, so when I qualified for my pro card during business school, I figured it was now or never! I intend to return to the corporate world after racing, but I knew this opportunity had time limitations and I wanted to pursue a professional career in the sport so as not to look back at age 70 and wonder “what if?”


What is your goal with the sport?

 I’m pursuing the draft-legal format right now with my eyes on Tokyo. But we’ll see!


What is your strongest aspect of triathlon, and why?

I break the mold when it comes to triathletes – I am neither an All-American swimmer nor a runner by training. While rowing translates well to the bike, I would say my strongest aspect of triathlon is my mental strength – developed through elite figure skating and NCAA Division I crew – and my overall fitness – developed through the variety of my athletic background.


What is your least-strong aspect of triathlon, and why?

While my swimming and running both have a ways to go for me to compete at the top of the sport, having a top-notch swim is the first thing I need to get in place. For this reason, my coach and I have been completely focused on my swim for the last 18 months or so. It’s coming, slowly but surely, and has been quite the test of attention to technical detail, discipline, and patience!


In what sports did you participate before triathlon?

As I mentioned above, I break all the molds when it comes to triathlon! I was a competitive figure skater and ballet dancer growing up. I even took a year off between high school and college to pursue a start at the National Championships. When I started at Dartmouth the following year, I was looking for a change and walked on to the crew team. Rowing defined the next four years for me, and I grew to become Varsity Team Captain and Most Valuable Rower by my senior year.


What are your hobbies?

I grew up sailing with my family in the summer, and I continue to love getting out on the water, no matter what kind of boat I’m in! I also love exploring great coffee shops in new places with my husband, Adam. And my newest hobby compliments of training? A good nap on a rainy afternoon.


Where do you live and where do you enjoy training the most?

I am currently based in South Bend, where I moved in order to train face-to-face with my coach, Greg Mueller. The town has by far exceeded expectations when it comes to training – fabulous riding (although not a whole lot of terrain), an amazing lake for open water swimming, and some great running trails as well. It is completely off the radar when it comes to triathlon, which I actually like, and have truly grown to love it!


Where have your race travels taken you?

This is only my 2nd season racing professionally, but I’ve already had the opportunity to travel to some amazing places in that short time! I recently raced in Havana, Cuba, which was an incredible opportunity to experience the culture and soak in the unique history of the country.


For how long can you see yourself racing?

I’ll keep racing as long as I am growing and making tangible progress toward my goals in the sport. It could be one year or it could be 5. I love the sport and have set high goals for myself, but I also have career aspirations outside of the sport. While I love the lifestyle of a professional triathlete and committing completely to the sport has been so gratifying, I also can’t wait to one day have the time and energy to do “normal person” things with Adam, our friends, and our families!!!


If you could offer a piece of advice for someone looking to enter the sport, what would it be?

Be fearless, and don’t sell yourself short. I meet so many people who say, “Well I’m not a real triathlete.” But anyone who swims, bikes, and runs is, by definition, a triathlete! Just getting out there and facing your fears is an incredible accomplishment, and everyone should own that! My motto is: if it scares you, do it.


What would you like to do after you are finished racing in triathlon?

I would like to apply my MBA working at a lifestyle brand, like Starbucks or Lululemon. I focused on marketing and finance at Chicago Booth and very much enjoyed my MBA internship in this area, but I’ve recently become very passionate about HR, or as Google refers to it – Human Operations – (I like thinking about it that way versus traditional HR). So I could see myself doing either!


Which team do you think will bring home the MLT Cup this year?

I don’t think. I know – Cleveland Rocks!!