WE ARE IN. For those of you that don’t know, Mixed Team Relay (MTR) was officially added to the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games on Friday, June 9, 2017. This was a huge day for our sport as triathlon now has 2 medal events in the Olympics!

This was also a big win for Major League Triathlon (MLT). We started MLT 3 years ago and it was just a concept, “bring triathlon to the mainstream masses and create an entertainment property”. We looked at all possibilities and came to the conclusion that we needed to focus on the MTR structure of racing. There were very few opportunities to race MTR at the time (there are still very few opportunities) and we loved the concept of the structure. The MTR allows pro men and pro women to compete on the same team, on the same course, at the same time, for the same amount of prize money. It also happens to be the most exciting form of endurance sports that I had ever seen. It was a no brainer for us. 

While some people questioned the decision to focus on pro MTR racing, we never once questioned our decision. Today, that “risk” seems to have been completely worth it. Over the past two seasons, we have offered 32 of the best professional athletes in the world 8 opportunities (6 so far) to race this fast and exciting format. We have provided them a platform to build their personal brands, given them unique opportunities (like racing on the oldest boardwalk in the world), and most importantly, we have started the development process to hopefully bring another medal home to the United States in 2020.

MLT will continue to focus on MTR racing and will look to work with federations around the globe to create a development pipeline for this exciting new Olympic event. We will strive to continue to be an industry leader and continue our mission to bring triathlon to the masses. MLT would like to congratulate the ITU and ITU’s President, Marisol Casado, for making this a reality. We believe that MTR is the future of our sport and we are incredibly excited to see that our international governing body wholeheartedly agrees.

If you are interested in getting involved with Major League Triathlon or you would just like to follow the action, please visit us at www.majorleaguetri.com