Wrapping up university with finals and training at the same time can start to become pretty stressful.  Luckily, I was invited to MLT partner Novant Health powered by EXOS to change gears a little bit and focus on some training I typically don’t have the opportunity to explore.  A short trip from Queens University in Charlotte to the Novant Health powered by EXOS performance center in Huntersville paid off quickly. I walked into a building that most triathletes would consider a training utopia; the large indoor space encompassed all aspects of training that an elite athlete would need - strength, mobility, agility, performance coaches, physical therapists, sports nutritionists, athletic trainers all under the same roof.  This allows the athletes to have the physically demanding sessions they need in order to improve as an elite athlete and then head straight over to the recovery personnel if they have a small niggle of some sort.  EXOS can even take care of an athlete’s nutritional needs after getting worked on by the physical therapist!

During my visit, MLT Marketing Manager and Athlete Liaison Dylan Sorensen joined me through all of the various exercises through which we were led. We had a couple goals in mind; working on flexibility, fast and explosive drills, and precision strength training.  We had our own performance coach assigned to help us achieve these goals.  First, Bill (our performance coach) started us out with some advanced hip mobility stretches as well as glute activation, using a shifting plank board.  

I was already feeling more warmed up and loose than I usually do before a workout.  Next, we moved over to some hurdles and box jumps to get our leg muscles firing.  These exercises targeted our fast twitch muscle fibers. Bill had us complete lateral movements with mini hurdles, an exercise which in which I could tell I was not very good!  

Finally, we moved into some strength-oriented training with kettlebells.  While laying on my back I had to hold the kettlebell with a straight arm over my head and rotate my hips all while keeping the kettlebell pointed at the ceiling.  This exercise was great because it was extremely difficult for me. This experience showed me that I need to pay more attention to the little things in my training and that I need to come back to Novant Health powered by EXOS so that I can work on my weaknesses.


In summary, Novant Health powered by EXOS was a great experience for me. The facility is a dream come true; everything I would need as an athlete was under the same roof.  Their performance coaches are skilled with helping to evaluate your physical capacity. Through this, they discover what kind of weaknesses you need to focus on improving.  Novant, you can definitely expect me to be back in the facility soon. Thank You!